Enabling Access to Real-Time Data in Emergency Situations

Enabling Access to Real-Time Data in Emergency Situations


During the third annual Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2019) event Nov. 19-21 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga., USA, Aegex integrated our NexVu IoT Solution in realistic disaster scenarios to demonstrate the power of real-time contextual data to assist emergency response.

In the mock Tunnel Emergency at OCR2019, NexVu sensors reported on oxygen, carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, light, air pressure, GPS location, and other ambient conditions surrounding the scenario. When the tunnel collapsed and Hazardous Materials were released from an overturned truck, NexVu’s provided first responders with real-time information about the situation.

NexVu monitored air quality before, during and after the emergency, informing responders about conditions prior to entering the vicinity and keeping them abreast of gas levels and chemical plume flow direction as they extracted victims. Having a clearer operating picture about the situation aided first responders by alerting them to the types of protection needed to enter the scene, saving them time and resources and enhancing their safety.

In another scenario, a Gas Pipeline was compromised, resulting in a gas leak. NexVu sensors detected the leak and alerted authorities. Although the leak could not be stopped before causing an explosion, NexVu’s alert helped ensure responders arrived on the scene quickly. After the explosion, NexVu continued monitoring to provide real-time information about the gas concentrations and smoke drift, as well as other ambient conditions surrounding the emergency.

Stay tuned for a full report of data and findings about the NexVu OCR2019 testing, as well as information about other testing of Aegex solutions at the Guardian Centers in the coming weeks.

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