4 Exciting Reasons to Attend This Emergency Response Technology Event

4 Exciting Reasons to Attend This Emergency Response Technology Event


Oil & Gas typically avoids ‘excitement’ – but this event is different! 4 exciting reasons to attend the Emergency Response Technology Showcase 2019

Emergencies in the oil and gas or process manufacturing industries can easily turn into catastrophes. That’s why first responders responding to those crises would benefit from having the latest specialized equipment in order to quell those disasters as quickly as possible. Oil and gas companies themselves could be better prepared to handle emergencies with the right tools and technologies.

An upcoming event will demonstrate technology solutions that can help save lives and assets: the Emergency Response Technology Showcase 2019. Being held Aug. 15-16 in Deer Park, Texas, USA, the event will feature some dozen companies demonstrating their cutting-edge communications and safety technologies in a hands-on setting.

The event invites private and public emergency responders and agencies, plus interested oil and gas or related companies, to attend to witness solutions that could help improve their organizations’ efficiency and safety.   Why should you attend?
  • To experience drones, IoT devices, robots and more exciting technologies in action in an interactive environment
  • To learn how technology solutions can drastically improve operations and disaster preparedness for emergency response or everyday industrial needs
  • To network with local, state and federal emergency response organizations, technology developers, and oil and gas industry representatives in a casual setting
  • To have a chance to win amazing door prizes, including an aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet!

The event, hosted by CS2, Inc., will be held at the Jimmy Burke Activity Center at 500 W. 13th St., Deer Park, Texas, from 9:00-5:00 CST on Thursday and 8:00-2:00 CST on Friday.

Aegex Technologies will exhibit its NexVu IoT Solution that uses intrinsically safe sensors in customizable combinations to report myriad conditions surrounding an emergency or everyday operations in oil and gas and other hazardous industries. It will also demonstrate the aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet that enables first responders and oil and gas personnel to communicate and share data in real time. These mobile, affordable and easy-to-use solutions provide enhanced situational awareness for emergency response management, with purpose-built advantages for the oil and gas industry.

Read about the other exhibitors here.

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