Embracing Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

Embracing Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry


As the world is getting ready for a "Fourth Industrial Revolution," oil and gas companies looking to gain competitive advantage can benefit from automation. Key benefits of integrating industry tech tools include:

Expanded Productivity
Digitization enables easy access to critical industry information right from exploration and production to environmental monitoring and safety. This information helps enhance productivity, reduce risks, and improve all aspects of oil and gas operations. Essentially, gas and industry tech tools are a lot faster than paper-based systems and ensure standardization across business processes. Modern IT, automation, and communication tools allow companies to capture more data and do real-time analysis with greater frequency and efficiency from all parts of the oil and gas value chain.

Increased Safety
Tools like automation and robotics are now an integral part of the drilling process. Connecting and disconnecting drill pipes are perilous operations for humans. Technologies such as iron roughneck robotics and snake-arm robots have completely automated this process, removing all forms of human life risks.

Improved Performance
Gas and oil producers are now harnessing industry tech tools that integrate artificial intelligence technologies to improve performance, predict trends, and reduce costs. They also use the tools for resource exploration to map and identify petroleum deposits and detect equipment failure and gas leaks - doing so not only improves efficiency but also helps reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental Benefits 
Progressive air control technologies like those offered by Aegex undoubtedly help improve industry emissions by effectively monitoring and mitigating carbon emissions and fuel leaks. Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into gas and oil company systems can enhance data quality while reducing energy use and oil spills. Monitoring and Mitigating Carbon Emissions With Aegex Tools

What Are Aegex Tools?
Aegex tools are certified intrinsic and safe solutions that connect people, assets, and data in industries with hazardous locations. The devices provide real-time collaboration and data insights about operations, thus enabling companies in the gas and oil industry to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that help streamline processes and improve efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and safety.

The Benefits of Using Aegex Tools

Helps Monitor and Reduce Carbon Emissions Aegex tools such as the NexVu allow users to deploy fugitive emissions monitoring systems in less than an hour. The easy-to-operate, highly accurate, and low-maintenance oil and gas IoT solution captures facility and equipment data in real-time and detects anomalies before they escalate. It's a purpose-built industrial device for use in the most hazardous zones and designed to provide accurate carbon emissions measurements for effective monitoring and decision-making.

Grows Your Business and Efficiency
Integrating tech tools to reduce emissions helps a business grow and prosper and be more efficient and competitive in the highly volatile oil and gas industry. Leveraging technology for the oil and gas industry can help companies make better decisions and improve their enhanced productivity and profitability strategies. Aegex tools enable you to set the KPIs and objectives that best fit your company, thanks to the advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to gain insight into key market and industry trends and overall business performance.

Reduces Business Costs by Avoiding Carbon Taxes
Managing leaks is critical as they can lead to explosions, fires, environmental contamination, and high business operation costs. Aegex tools enhance operational efficiencies that reduce carbon emissions and help organizations in the oil and gas industry avoid carbon taxes, which is an added cost of doing business. A recent study reveals methane emissions, the main component of natural gas, escapes through faulty equipment. The tools provided by Aegex technologies help detect these failures and prevent fugitive emissions. Science magazine estimates that digitization can help the oil and gas industry reduce methane losses by a whopping 75%.

Contact Aegex for Exceptional Digital Solutions
As the world's desire for lower carbon emission grows, future players in the oil and gas industry need to incorporate technologies that help transform operations and deliver increased value while mitigating carbon emissions. The tools offered by Aegex help enhance operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, minimize carbon taxes, and improve bottom lines. Aegex was the first Windows-based device to receive a Zone 1, level 1 certification. If you need help to get started or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.