Building Digital Twins to Create Value Today and the Metaverse Tomorrow

Building Digital Twins to Create Value Today and the Metaverse Tomorrow


On the one hand, digital twin technology is commonly accessible, rapidly deployable, and incredibly powerful enough to generate a measurable return on investment in a matter of days. On the other hand, digital twins also represent the exciting advent of our reality-bending future in the enigmatic metaverse. Like the eagerly awaited 3-D immersive social metaverse, the commercial or "enterprise" metaverse envisions virtual counterparts interacting on behalf of real-world commercial entities and interests. And how will we get from here today to there tomorrow? By building digital twins. Many factors influence the decision-making process for building data twins, including business priorities, support, and feasibility issues. Once approved, building and scaling digital twins typically follow this three-step process:

  • Create a blueprint.
  • Build the initial digital twin.
  • Continuously evolve the twin's capabilities
Keep reading for more exciting details about building powerful digital twins for generating bankable value today and for paving the way to innovative value creation in the enterprise metaverse of tomorrow.

Building Digital Twins to Create Value Today and the Metaverse Tomorrow

Functioning as virtual replicas of real-world assets, processes, or even humans, digital twins are initially built with trusted sets of engineering data or "data products" at their core. This data, collected from multiple sources, informs advanced analytics and 3D visualizations that continuously evolve with additional data — this includes from "what if" simulations. They dynamically empower the digital twin's increasingly robust predictive capabilities. Tech-savvy organizations already deploying digital twins are using this highly optimized information to improve specific aspects of their digital twin's real-world counterpart. Hence, they are generating bankable bottom-line impacts today and preparing for the lucrative potential of tomorrow's enterprise metaverse. Successful organizations typically take the following three-step path to design, deploy, and scale digital twins:

1. Create a Blueprint

Creating a blueprint helps align stakeholders' expectations by defining the types of digital twins to deploy, ownership and governance structures, use cases to maximize value and reuse, and the strategies for evolving digital twin capabilities.

2. Build the Initial Digital Twin

Building the initial digital twin begins with collecting usable, quality core data from selected processes and/or assets. This core data delivers transparency via advanced visualizations and enables use case development for generating real-time data that drive profitable insights.

3. Continuously Evolve Capabilities

The initial digital twin's capabilities evolved by adding core data that supports additional use cases and new artificial intelligence-based tools for advanced modeling and analytics. It also supports measurably bankable "what if" scenarios with virtual simulations. Continuously evolving capabilities lead to building multiple interconnected digital twins that provide increasingly powerful business intelligence that improves profitability. This leads to tomorrow's enterprise metaverse.

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