3 Reasons to Meet Aegex at Microsoft WPC 2016

3 Reasons to Meet Aegex at Microsoft WPC 2016

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by Leigh Villegas, Manager of Corporate Communications at Aegex Technologies

Aegex Technologies is attending the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto, Canada, July 10-14, to show off its Windows 10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet that is a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution for hazardous environments! The WPC will draw more than 15,000 Microsoft partners like Aegex to learn about ways to bring the power of Microsoft services to our customers.

If you or someone you know is planning to attend WPC, here are some good reasons why you (or they) should contact Aegex to meet up during the event:

1. World’s First Globally Certified Intrinsically Safe Windows 10 Tablet

The Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet is the first Windows 10 tablet to be certified for use in the most hazardous explosive environments worldwide. Purpose-built for Class I, II, III Division 1; ATEX Zone 1; and IECEX Zone1 hazardous locations, the Aegex tablet can bring Windows 10 directly into hazardous areas where typical mobile devices cannot go due to risk of spark – like oil refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, mining projects, and other highly volatile industrial operations. Many workers in these hazardous zones have not had access to real-time communications because, until now, they have not had a Windows device that was authorized for their workspace. Now, with the Aegex10 IS Tablet, hazardous area personnel have a Windows-based mobile device with Intel architecture that provides them with real-time connectivity anywhere in their hazardous location. Come and see this marvel of science, the Aegex10 IS Tablet, that is revolutionizing some of the world’s most critical industries!

2. Uniform Platform & Windows OS for an Entire Hazardous Industry Organization

Why does it matter if people in hazardous industrial environments have Windows 10? Because chances are the rest of their entire organization uses Windows. If these hazardous location personnel can communicate in real-time with their colleagues, directly from within the heart of their operation, they can capture and convey critical information about the safety, integrity and functionality of that operation. For example, a valve appears to be faulty? The operations crew can snap a photo or take a video on the Aegex10 IS Tablet, fill out a report, upload it to the Microsoft Cloud or email it to an appropriate contact, receive instructions and order maintenance immediately, without ever leaving the hazardous area. This means issues are resolved right away, avoiding delays that would normally occur if the hazardous worker had no access to real-time cloud connectivity. Join us in Toronto to see for yourself how achieving real-time connectivity with the Aegex10 IS Tablet ultimately translates to greater productivity - and safety!

3. The Basis for an Internet of Things for Hazardous Industries

If you or your customers are looking to transform a hazardous operation into a “smart manufacturing” facility or an “Industry 4.0” operation, you can’t fully achieve it unless you connect personnel who are in the most hazardous areas. Your Microsoft-based Internet of Things can only be completed with the Aegex10 IS Tablet that can connect Division 1 or Zone 1 workers and analyze Big Data inside the most hazardous zones.The tablet can communicate with an array of IoT sensors to track myriad information and monitor every situation, optimizing your “smart” operation’s productivity. Come and see this “IoT for HazLoc” in action via the Aegex10 IS Tablet at WPC 2016!

Follow our Yammer group “Windows for Hazardous Environments” to join in discussions about Intrinsically Safe IoT solutions for hazardous location operations.

Not attending the Microsoft WPC 2016? Not to worry! Just contact Aegex to get a personal overview of the Aegex10 IS Tablet and an evaluation of how exactly the Aegex10 can work for you and your customers!

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