3 Signs of Progress for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry at SPE Offshore Europe 2017

3 Signs of Progress for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry at SPE Offshore Europe 2017


There was a sense of excitement for the future of the offshore oil and gas industry during the 2017 SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition last week. As exhibitors, Aegex Technologies saw the signs:

  1. Offshore companies are seeking new technologies.

    Exhibitors and visitors at the show seemed enthusiastic about the latest technologies available for improving operations and reducing costs and risk. Whether manufacturers of well pumps or designers of the latest asset visualization software, providers of equipment and services for offshore operations talked of the positive responses they were getting from customers seeking new technologies to help grow and improve their businesses. Aegex had hundreds of inquiries from all types of customers and partners looking for mobile devices and Internet of Things technologies that would increase efficiency and safety in their operations or in their customers’ operations. Our Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet received much attention for its ability to be used in any Zone 1 hazardous area, the most potentially explosive areas of industrial operations. The tablets allow operators to manage real-time information and utilize software and applications that enable greater efficiencies and increased safety. Talking with the host of Offshore Europe’s closed-circuit television program, Aegex CEO Thomas Ventulett shared his enthusiasm about the direction the offshore industry is taking: “We are seeing a real interest in new technologies and inquiries about how to adopt them. Companies know that they can truly cut costs and limit risk by deploying technology that makes them more efficient and keeps their people safe,” he told Kirstin Gove, host of the TV show, during a live interview on the third day.
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  3. Offshore technology companies are innovating.

    With pressure to operate on restricted budgets, offshore companies need to adopt the latest and best technologies that can drive efficiency and reduce downtime. These pressures are pushing technology companies to innovate more quickly and fervently than ever before, providing solutions for an industry that is recovering and ripe for opportunity. Aegex was one of those technology companies at the event that stood out for its innovative solutions. Our tablets are designed with a new, innovative method of making them intrinsically safe from the inside, with no concentration of energy in any one point on the circuit board sufficient to cause a spark. This method of intrinsic safety means our customers are getting the absolute safest device on the market, and our innovation is leading the industry to adopt ever safer and more efficient solutions.
  4. Offshore technology companies are collaborating

    Potential partners for Aegex were abundant at Offshore Europe 2017. We exhibited in The Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s pavilion, where other technology companies, from 3D model developers to artificial intelligence integrators, were not only greeting customers but also talking with each other about collaborative possibilities. From IBM Watson to QinetiQ to the other 30+ fellow exhibitors in The OGTC Technology Zone, all were enthusiastic about what Aegex could offer them and they could offer us. Aegex tablets enable new software to be used inside the most hazardous Zone 1 areas of operations, offering a myriad of possibilities for partnerships that improve businesses and even save lives. That said, Aegex’s vision is for all electronic equipment used in the offshore industry to be the absolute safest it can be. Thus, we launched a new strategy during the event to license our intrinsically safe methodology and offer our research and testing facilities to other technology companies in efforts to eventually make all devices intrinsically safe. Aegex’s experience at SPE Offshore Europe 2017 was an opportunity to not only showcase our own technologies, but to witness the growing potential in the industry and to lead the charge for innovation and collaboration in the offshore sector.