Software/Technology Partners

Aegex Software/Technology Developers have a unique opportunity to participate in the ongoing development of the only globally certified, intrinsically safe, Windows-based enterprise mobility solutions for critical industries with hazardous locations.

Aegex’s Software/Technology Developer Partner Program brings your application development expertise to our intrinsically safe product portfolio, providing mutually beneficial opportunities in the large and relatively untapped market of hazardous environments in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, public safety and utilities. Your industry applications or accessories, together with Aegex’s purpose-built devices and existing Windows software, can offer customers the latest mobile communications technology available on the market for the most volatile hazardous location operations, where flammable materials prohibit the use of standard equipment.

Aegex solutions differ from competitors because we offer the only globally certified intrinsically safe C1D1/Zone 1 tablets that run the latest Windows 10 operating system and include industry-specific applications that can be tailored to clients’ needs.

We rely on software and third party technology partners to help us develop cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions for oil and gas, chemical manufacturing and other professionals who work in hazardous areas. Whether you offer a niche app or a unique intrinsically safe accessory item for mobile devices, becoming an Aegex Software/Technology Partner gives you a strong channel for delivering your technology to a variety of hazardous industry markets.