Are you a niche hardware, software or IoT developer looking to tap into the vast and underserved market of hazardous location industries? Then become an Aegex Licensee and add our intrinsically safe devices or systems to your portfolio. License Aegex’s proprietary intrinsically safe tablets or other Aegex intellectual property to gain access to the world’s most critical industries, including oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, public safety and utilities.

Aegex has spent years designing, testing and field-trialing computing solutions for hazardous environments, resulting in issued patents and patents pending, and a portfolio of methods and technologies for qualifying and certifying intrinsically safe tablets, smartphones and Internet of Things sensors for use in the world’s most volatile work environments.

Aegex IP is a valuable asset for any enterprise aiming to enter the hazardous location/critical industries market. Aegex is the only company to achieve global certification for intrinsically safe Windows tablets. Our intrinsic safety IP opens doors to a large market of some 15% of personnel in critical industries that do not currently have access to mobile technology because they do not have intrinsically safe certified devices. Beyond tablets, Aegex’s IP can be extended to other devices, IoT sensors, and IoT/IoE systems where intrinsic safety is crucial.