Message from Aegex Technologies Board

Message from Aegex Technologies Board

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July 6 marked the 27th anniversary of the Piper Alpha explosion in the North Sea, the worst offshore disaster in history. Today, there is a continued push for safer operations in the oil and gas world, as well as other hazardous location industries such as petrochemicals, public safety and utilities, to prevent both loss of life and destruction of infrastructure. Mobile technology has impacted every aspect of modern life, but hazardous location industries remain a large and critical sector of the economy that has been isolated from the mobility advancements of the last 30 years because of the lack of “intrinsically safe” mobile devices.

The leadership of this company, Aegex Technologies, LLC, has come together to solve the technical and regulatory challenges that have stood as impediments to men and women around the globe from effectively communicating and sharing information in hazardous work environments.  Our capabilities will bring millions of people into the information age and millions of technologies into the IoT realm in some of the world’s most important industries.

Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor.


Keith Cowan

Board Chairman

Aegex Technologies, LLC