Multiple Aegex Partners to Showcase IoT Technologies at Realistic Disaster Response Eventx

Multiple Aegex Partners to Showcase IoT Technologies at Realistic Disaster Response Eventx

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Atlanta, Ga. USA. (May 31, 2017) – Aegex Technologies LLC is bringing a dozen technology partners together for a live Internet of Things (IoT) demonstration and realistic disaster response event at the Guardian Centers, June 7-8, 2017.

  The technology partners, which hail from various countries, will showcase their technologies during the event, called Operation Convergent Response (OCR), being held at the Guardian Centers training facility in Perry, Ga., USA.

  Collectively, the companies will demonstrate how their various IoT technologies, ranging from data infrastructure to digitization applications to intrinsically safe sensors, can utilize data to help to improve operations, whether in highly combustible industrial facilities or during emergency situations.

  The partner technologies will be demonstrated as part of realistic, staged disaster scenarios – a chemical plant collapse, subway explosion, tornado mass casualty, flood rescue, cyber attack and terrorist attack/hostage crisis – to show how IoT systems can assist in emergency response as well as improve everyday industrial operations.

  Aegex’s featured technology partners include:

      • ElementBlue / SensorInsight: Showcasing Smarter City and Industrial Environmental Monitoring and Visualization. To deploy sensors in the flood zone, subway zone, and chemical plant to monitor ambient and hazardous materials and conditions. SensorInsight will provide an integrated view of available sensors along with data, analytics, and anomaly detection from other onsite partners. SensorInsight demonstrates end-to-end solutions with an easy to consume approach for organizations to implement an IoT strategy.
          • Equivital: To demonstrate the only intrinsically safe wearable device designed for users in hazardous locations (HazMat teams, bomb squads, personnel in petro-chemical industries). Device detects electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart rate deviation, breathing/respiratory rate, skin temperature, body orientation and motion, and proprietary algorithms that assess stress or duress.
          • IBM Watson IoT: To show the capabilities of IBM’s Artificial Intelligence supercomputer, in conjunction with Aegex intrinsically safe tablets and sensors, for managing big data and analytics for hazardous industrial operations.
          • Intel: To demonstrate the Intel® IoT Platform that improves the way businesses connect with technology and technologies connect with each other, including the Aegex IoT solution, for better outcomes in operations.
          • Mark III Systems: To showcase how video cameras “watch” remote fuel and pressure gauges on critical fuel tanks to detect potentially hazardous changes in conditions. To demonstrate how images can be converted into data streams monitored in the Aegex IoT platform and delivered as sensor reports.
          • Microsoft: To highlight Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite and other offerings that help organizations convert data into “intelligent action” via Windows OS to the Microsoft Cloud.
          • OSIsoft: To showcase its open infrastructure PI System that enables businesses to leverage sensor and operational data from across an enterprise to reduce costs and energy consumption, improve quality, increase safety and develop new data-based services.
          • pureLifi: To be featured in the event’s subway explosion disaster scenario. LiFi technology is high-speed, secure and fully networked wireless communications using light rather than radio frequencies. pureLiFi will be demonstrating how LiFi can be used in areas where Wi-Fi cannot operate due to infrastructure or bandwidth constraints or when security is extremely critical.
          • Simularity: To be featured in the event’s chemical plant collapse scenario. To demonstrate an artificial intelligence solution that learns and deciphers anomalies in operating conditions. Simularity can run on edge devices or in the cloud to ensure all data is captured and analyzed in real-time.
          • TAAP: Completed digitization of waiver form for event. TAAP’s digitization services convert paper forms into digital documents that sync with organizations’ back office operations for more efficient reporting and information management, especially in hazardous industrial locations.
          • Weather Company: Delivered historical data, current conditions and weather predictions for event to enable first responders to prepare for changing conditions. Predictive Weather Company data paired with sensor solutions can help avert disaster and can drastically improve response.
          • Welbeck Secure Solutions: To showcase Ethernet-over-IP approach to connectivity, enabling connections to legacy machine-to-machine (M2M) systems for robust IoT solutions. Welbeck’s proprietary technologies establish encrypted tunnel to sensor endpoints using very little bandwidth, allowing customers to encrypt at high levels without disruptive latency.


  “Aegex has brought together our most exciting technology partners to demonstrate their solutions in the most realistic scenarios possible, short of actual disasters. If IoT solutions like these can enable better responses to catastrophes, we know they can deliver trusted solutions for hazardous industries’ everyday operations,” said Aegex CEO Thomas P. Ventulett.

  Aegex, in partnership with Verizon and Nokia, has invited some 400 Channel, Technology and Strategic Partners, plus customers and industry professionals, to participate in this unique event that will highlight how technologies can be used to make safer, more intelligent decisions, whether in manufacturing or public safety.

  About Aegex Technologies LLC

  With world headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., USA, European headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands, sales offices in Southampton, UK and Dubai, UAE, and distributors worldwide, Aegex provides intrinsically safe mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for hazardous locations in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, public safety and other industries with explosive environments. Aegex is the maker of the first globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet and the first IoT Platform for Hazardous Locations, which can be used for real-time data and communications in hazardous locations where only specially designed equipment that will not ignite an explosion is permitted. Contact Aegex for more details.

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