Windows 10: A Winner for Hazardous Location Industries

Windows 10: A Winner for Hazardous Location Industries

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by Kevin Smith, Business Development & Applications, Aegex Technologies LLC

Windows 10 is finally here, and Aegex Technologies is especially excited about a couple of features that could translate into some solid productivity gains.

Cortana, the digital, voice-activated assistant, continues to improve, and it could greatly assist workers in hazardous environments to do their jobs. While a stylus pen helps when wearing gloves or juggling work items, Cortana could make things even easier by freeing up one or both hands. For those noisy environments, add an intrinsically safe headset, and the productivity gains realized from an IS Windows 10 tablet can really grow.

aegex intrinsically safe tablet

Aegex customers use software from many different vendors; we even see the same customers using different applications and services at different locations. With Windows Apportal, enterprises can put all of the required applications in a single location, so employees don’t have to waste time finding and downloading apps from the Windows Store or the internet. Enterprises now have the flexibility to have a UI-based virtual integration at a minimal cost. Apportals uses a nested folder structure, so from the Start Screen, a user can access the corporate applications with a single touch.

Easily accessible apps, fewer keystrokes and reduced frustration add up to increased productivity and time savings, which can be critical and even life-saving in hazardous locations. I am looking forward to seeing how Aegex customers leverage the new and improved tools Windows 10 is now providing.

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