Why Test IoT Solutions at the Guardian Centers?

Why Test IoT Solutions at the Guardian Centers?

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Have you ever witnessed a chemical plant explosion, flood, terrorist attack, mass causality medical response, hostage crisis and cyber attack, all occurring simultaneously? No? Well, you can at the upcoming Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2017) event, June 7-8, 2017.

During this extraordinary event, Aegex Technologies will be testing its IoT Platform for Hazardous Locations that transforms big data into actionable information through machine learning to improve operations in combustible, “hazardous,” industrial environments.

Guardian Centers Aerial

The only problem with verifying the functionality of a complex, Industrial Internet of Things system is that it’s very difficult to test it in the real world. You can’t easily release a toxic gas in a real manufacturing plant to test sensors and corresponding IoT system’s subsequent responses. You can’t easily shut down an oil refinery to test an IoT system’s series of actions following a pump failure. You can’t easily test new emergency response technologies on real victims during a real catastrophe.


The only location where such IoT systems can be tested with lifelike simulations is the Guardian Centers, a world-renowned emergency response training facility in Perry, Ga. USA. Aegex has installed various intrinsically safe sensors around its campus that can detect multiple gases, biological agents, temperature, wind speed and more, plus an IoT platform that manages that data in the cloud and uses it for machine learning to improve processes. We have been collecting data and testing year-round to perfect the system.

Aegex can perform true tests of these technologies at the Guardian Centers because, there, we can actually release various gases, detonate explosives, flood facilities, and otherwise simulate real-life scenarios. The Guardian Centers becomes a proving ground for our IoT platform, where we can put our technologies to the test under conditions that are as close to reality as possible.

And we will be doing ALL of that on June 7-8!

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