Don’t Trust All Enterprise Apps

Don’t Trust All Enterprise Apps

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By Timothy C B Cox, Director Middle East & Africa, Aegex Technologies LLC

It’s time you requested an independent security audit of your Enterprise Android applications. I would also urge you to do the same soon after Apple releases iOS 9.

And here’s why:

If you’re using a device based on the Google Android operating system, you should be concerned about privacy and security.

Why would Google go to the trouble in a recent blog to show how developers can circumvent the Apple ATS protocol designed to keep your data (consumer and enterprise) private?

Other articles expand on what this means for Google.

It seems to me rather odd that Google is promoting HTTPS everywhere, along with many Internet giants like Apple, but it is quietly telling developers how to continue to use unsecure communications in their iOS apps.

And this gets me thinking, what exactly is Google doing to ensure your Android enterprise apps are secure? We’ve all known for a long time that a large part of Google’s activities includes collecting user analytics, which drives their ad revenue.

So, if you’re using an Android device in your enterprise, go and demand a security audit to ensure your enterprise application is not leaking data.

Of course, with Windows 10 on the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe tablet, you can use the same exact applications the rest of your organisation uses on laptops and desktops. So you get the same level of protection for your mobile workforce.

Why would you expect anything less?


Timothy C B Cox
Tim Cox

Director Business Development – MEA

Aegex Dubai

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