ABLE provides instrumentation and control systems for the Process, Research, and Environmental Industries by applying the most suitable instrument technologies to meet the demands of the measurement.
We affect comprehensive engineering and support capability throughout the process and over the lifetime of the equipment.
FlareMaster is able to data-mine and harvest the myriad signals routinely produced by a flare gas meter that isn’t normally visible or accessible to a standard, associated flow computer.
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Using the aegex10™ intrinsically safe tablet as a hazardous area- approved interface with the FlareMaster meter, personnel can optimize the performance of ultrasonic flare gas meters by significantly reducing measurement uncertainty and ensuring sustainability of measurement during the most challenging process upsets and anomalies. The FlareMaster DataFlow application on the Aegex tablet gathers and analyses data in conjunction with the FlareMaster Enhanced Density Module to provide the flare gas meter with full flare gas density inputs. The operator can see a real-time display on the Aegex tablet of process data, including mass and standard volume flow, velocity, process temperature and pressure, as well as historical records of measured and calculated data.