Tampnet provides high capacity, low latency and reliable connectivity to offshore installations, mobile rigs and vessels. Tampnet operates the largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world in the North Sea and the GoM – serving more than 350 Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSOs and Exploration Rigs.

Tampnet’s technology platform enables virtual private LTE networks to be configured for each client and delivers benefits such as unlimited download/upload, high capacity, low-latency, and high-reliability.

Especially designed to meet the offshore industry’s high demands for reliable data connectivity, Tampnet’s network enables platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO’s and vessels to connect to Tampnet’s high-speed and low latency network in a cost-effective manner. It is also enabled for tablets, smartphones and machine-to-machine communication.

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Tampnet’s low latency, highly reliable connectivity for offshore installations is particularly suited for supporting intrinsically safe communications devices including aegex10™ tablets and Aegex NexVu IoT sensor arrays.