Oplii is a cloud-based Operations Management platform that unifies Asset Integrity, Preventative Maintenance (CMMS) and Work Order management, Regulatory Compliance, and HSE, in one solution. Oplii is working with top energy companies, helping them achieve faster (up to 10x), more affordable (2x-4x compared to traditional Enterprise solutions), and wider reaching implementations (extending to the field and multi-site locations).

Our purpose built and natively integrated mobile tools reduce labor cost associated with Inspection, preventative maintenance and HSE related activities by up to 65%, reduce Inspection time by up to 80%, and improve the accuracy of field data capture by 33%. Digitize your existing field process and forms (inspections, check sheets etc.) within Oplii and connect them to either existing Enterprise tools (SAP, Oracle etc.) or Oplii's web-based platform.
Oplii + Aegex Use Case
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Joint Value Prop

Running Oplii software on Aegex Intrinsically Safe Tablets enables users to monitor asset integrity, perform preventative maintenance and manage digital work orders and other forms in hazardous area operations.