Immerse Yourself in Technology: 4 Reasons to Attend #OCR2018

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Looking for a more hands-on trade show where you can actually engage with technologies to see how they work in real-life scenarios? If so, consider attending an industry event like no other: Operation Convergent Response 2018.

Hosted at the Guardian Centers training facility in Perry, Georgia, November 5-8, 2018, #OCR2018 will immerse you in live demonstrations of real technologies helping first responders save lives during simulated disaster scenarios. Showing how technologies perform in crisis situations will reveal their capabilities for everyday industrial operations.

So, why should you attend?

  1. Experience the future of innovation in technologies that improve emergency response and industrial operations:
    • Be evacuated from a subway terror attack with the help of real-time air quality alerts from IoT sensors.
    • Witness drones delivering drinking water to stranded hurricane victims.
    • Learn how real-time IoT sensors warn rescue teams about radiation levels during a nuclear disaster.
    • Use a specially engineered tablet to communicate with first responder teams during an interstate pile-up rescue.
  2. Learn about the latest IoT and AI solutions to lead your organization through digital transformation:
    • Listen to the foremost thought leaders in technology innovation explain how smart solutions can drive improved performance in public safety and other industries.
    • Get hands-on training from experts who can advise on digital transformation for your operations.
  3. Connect with government and industry leaders from Verizon, Nokia, Aegex and 100 other technology companies:
    • Engage with the host companies’ decision makers and technology vendors’ experts to learn about their latest innovations during the Solutions Showcase Tech Expo.
  4. Participate in immersive learning adventure activities, including:
    • Armored vehicle driving
    • Rappelling
    • Close-Quarter Combat
    • And more!
Join Aegex Technologies as we collaborate with Verizon, Nokia and the Guardian Centers to bring you an industry experience of a lifetime. Learn more here.

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