Digital Natives and DARQ: Making Oil & Gas More Tech-Savvy

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As the oil and gas industry continues to seek more tech-savvy digital natives, we are simultaneously seeing digital transformation technologies become integral components of this sector's modus operandi. Tasks that were previously completed by hand - because electronic equipment suitable for explosive environments was not readily available - are now increasingly automated or quickly done by personnel using certified mobile devices. Connected workers are able to drastically reduce their time spent on data entry and increase their accuracy in reporting, and "smart" machines are able to predict and solve potential problems before they impact productivity. These advancements in the oil and gas sector are reliant on the interconnectedness of people and machines with data. With more and better data, plus the means to use that data for improved decision-making, processes can be streamlined and optimized, time can be saved, and most importantly, risk and loss can be reduced.

This type of efficient, safe and progressive industry could arguably be more appealing to a younger cohort of professionals than their parents' oil and gas world. With new technologies such as Distributed ledger technology, Artificial intelligence, Extended reality, and Quantum computing (DARQ, for short) being more widely adopted in upstream and downstream oil and gas operations, the need for digital natives is growing - and their interest in this sector may also.

We at Aegex Technologies are building solutions at the cutting-edge of oil and gas technology. Our engineers, many digital natives themselves, are continually seeking new, innovative ways to make data more readily available to all personnel working in hazardous areas. Our proprietary methods for making devices safe for use in potentially explosive environments are not only used in the development of our own IoT sensors and intrinsically safe tablets but are also available for other manufacturers to license and incorporate into their own processes. Our ongoing cooperation with application, network and other tech partners invites the top talent from these areas to collaborate on innovative solutions that solve complex problems for some of the world's most critical industries, including oil and gas.

The oil and gas sector is rapidly transforming into a more technologically advanced industry, and Aegex is excited to be leading the charge in bringing new collaboration, new tech solutions, and new ways to access and utilize data to the forefront of this movement.