Aegex Releases 4G LTE Version of IS Tablet

Just because you work in a hazardous, explosive environment doesn’t mean you can afford to be out of touch, right? You want to be able to communicate from anywhere in the world, correct? That’s why Aegex Technologies has created a 4G LTE version of its already globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 enterprise tablet. Not only can oil & gas technicians, chemical manufacturers and other hazardous industry personnel transmit data in real-time from their HazLoc worksite via Wi-Fi, now they can connect anywhere in the world on cellular networks with Aegex’s 4G LTE intrinsically safe Windows tablet. The Aegex tablet is the first and only Windows 10 enterprise device to hold global intrinsic safety certifications for UL913 C1D1 and ATEX/IECex Zone 1 HazLoc operations.

Picture this: a worker on an oil tanker transporting highly explosive cargo through the North Sea notices a small leak in a container. If he has an Aegex10 4G LTE Intrinsically Safe Windows Tablet, he can quickly take a photo, email it with Microsoft Outlook or upload it to the Microsoft Cloud, record the incident data in the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, and receive instructions for mitigating the situation, all within minutes. Even though he is traveling on a ship and in close proximity to extremely combustible material, the Aegex10 4G LTE IS Tablet is safe and easy to use, making sure he never loses touch. By communicating in real time, he, and others in similar volatile environments, can solve problems even before they start, thereby reducing risk for their hazardous location operations.

Aegex tablets mean increased safety for all personnel working in or around hazardous locations. Whether in oil & gas, chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing, utilities or public safety realms, Aegex users are ensuring their teams can maintain constant contact and perform real-time data analysis, anywhere in the world, which results in greater safety, efficiency and productivity for their organization as a whole.

True enterprise mobility for hazardous industries – that’s what Aegex is all about.

Aegex Events

APRIL 24-27, MIAMI: Visit Aegex at Booth #207 at the Responsible Care Chemical Industry Conference

APRIL 28, KINGSPORT, TN: See Aegex North American Sales Director Scott West speak about Aegex IS devices at the eChem Expo at 3:30pm. Visit Aegex Booth #1004.

Aegex Tablets:

  • UL C1D1 Certification
  • ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 Certification
  • Enterprise Class IP65 Certification
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Single Intel-based Platform Engineered for HazLoc Environments
  • Industry-Specific Applications and Accessories
  • Customizable, Cost-Effective Communications Solution

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Aegex offers intrinsically safe, Windows 10, cloud-based, real-time communications for users in hazardous locations worldwide that require UL913 C1D1, ATEX Zone 1 or IECEx Zone 1 certifications. See the latest news about Aegex Technologies’ mobility solutions that provide intrinsically safe, organization-wide collaboration.
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