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More than 20 different industries conduct operations in potentially combustible atmospheres. From chemical plants, to food processing facilities, to aerospace manufacturing plants, to oil & gas operations, hazardous locations are found in some of the world’s largest and most critical industries. Anywhere where combustible gases, liquids or dusts are present, only specially certified intrinsically safe equipment that will not cause a spark can be used.

This means that many employees working in or near hazardous areas cannot use a computer or mobile device for communications or data management. In fact, an estimated 10% to 40% of employees in 20 major industries do not have cloud connectivity on the job.

Can you imagine not having even basic cloud access to email or Skype or digital documents at work?

Aegex Technologies can’t either. That’s why we created the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet, a Windows 10 tablet that brings cloud connectivity to all personnel in all zones of hazardous locations. The tablet, when used in conjunction with intrinsically safe sensors, becomes an IoT Platform for Hazardous Locations that allows personnel to communicate and manage data in real time, even in the most hazardous operations.

Connect EVERYONE in your operations. Let Aegex show you how.

Aegex Upcoming Events

Aegex Webinar featuring IBM Watson IoT: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 11:00 EDT. Register to attend this online presentation that will feature IBM’s Watson IoT platform and how it integrates with Aegex.

Offshore Technology Conference OTC 2017: May 1-4, 2017, Houston, TX, USA. Visit Aegex at booth #1615 to see the Aegex10 IS Tablet, which is the starting point for the Aegex IoT Platform.

Aegex IoTT Partner Conference & User Experience: June 7-8, 2017, Guardian Centers, Perry, Georgia, USA. Join Verizon and other big name sponsors to be one of the first to learn how to deploy an IoT solution for hazardous locations in a meta-scale environment filled with exciting real-life demonstrations. Register now, or become a sponsor for this history-making event!

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Aegex Intrinsically Safe Tablets:

  • UL Class I, II, III Div 1 Certification
  • ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 Certification
  • Enterprise Class IP65 Certification
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Single Intel-based Platform Engineered for HazLoc Environments
  • Industry-Specific Applications and Accessories
  • Customizable, Cost-Effective Communications Solution

Aegex Intrinsically Safe IoT Sensors:

  • Covering 36 different environmental conditions including volatile or toxic gases
  • Customizable into more than 500 configurations

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Aegex offers intrinsically safe, Windows 10, cloud-based, real-time IoT communications for users in hazardous locations worldwide that require UL913 CI, II, III D1, ATEX Zone 1 or IECEx Zone 1 certifications. See the latest news about Aegex Technologies’ IoT solutions that provide intrinsically safe, organization-wide collaboration.
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