Aegex to Demo Tablets' Emergency Response Apps at Elite Disaster Training Event

Aegex to Demo Tablets' Emergency Response Apps at Elite Disaster Training Event

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First Responders from across U.S. to Test Technology at Guardian Centers of Georgia

ATLANTA, GA—(Marketwired - September 24, 2015) - Aegex Technologies will demonstrate its intrinsically safe tablets’ ability to run emergency services software and disaster response applications during a multi-agency disaster preparedness training session, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2015, at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga.


Aegex tablets, which are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations, will be tested by more than 400 first responders, including members of the New York Fire Department’s All Hazard Incident Management Team, Georgia Search and Rescue, and other groups. The teams will utilize various disaster response software on the tablets, including:

  • First responder apps by Global Emergency Resources (GER)
  • A multi-platform emergency management solution by the COBRA Division of Defense Group Inc.
  • A remote video collaboration tool by HelpLightning
  • An emergency alert tracking device and app by WheribleGPS

  Deploying these and other emergency management applications, Aegex tablets will provide a full mobile disaster preparedness and response solution for the Guardian Centers training event. Aegex tablets will be used during the exercise to:

  • Track and transmit GIS-based data in real-time
  • Monitor and report health status and other triage information
  • Organize real-time operations and care
  • Manage safety plans, materials and personnel

  Aegex tablets are suitable for the disaster training exercises because they are intrinsically safe, or incapable of igniting flammable materials that may be present in hazardous environments. The 10.1-inch tablets will be universally certified for C1D1, ATEX Zone 1, and IECEx Zone 1 HazLoc areas. The tablets run Windows 10 and other customizable enterprise-grade applications, making them fully configurable for public safety teams.

  “We are bringing the latest emergency management technology to this event to further showcase the capabilities of Aegex intrinsically safe tablets for public safety operations,” said Aegex CEO Thomas Ventulett. “Because Aegex tablets operate on a unified, Intel-based, Windows 10 platform, they are versatile enough for any real-time collaboration, and their intrinsic safety certifications make them safe enough for even the most hazardous environments.”

  Emergency responders in the training event will use Aegex tablets to run the Global Emergency Resources (GER), HC Standard® Software Suite. The Augusta, Ga.-based company’s software gathers and tracks information about disaster victims, shelter facilities, hospital availability, equipment supplies, mortuary affairs, and other vital information and shares it in real time with an emergency command center. GER will also be demonstrating its EWRAP™, a portable self-meshing unit designed to provide communication backhaul capability in the most austere environments.

  The COBRA software on Aegex tablets provides first responders with databases, interactive maps, checklists, incident reporting tools, and standard response protocols for fire and emergency response, defense, and law enforcement issues. COBRA provides a multi-platform, enterprise-level solution to address all hazards, stages of emergency management, and levels of emergency response for public safety and government organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.

  HelpLightning, a Birmingham, Ala.-based company, will provide Aegex tablets with mobile merged-reality video capability during the Guardian Centers event. The software will allow first responders to give and receive interactive help by digitally merging two real-time video streams on two different tablets. The HelpLightning application enables remote colleagues to visually collaborate as though they were working side-by-side.

  WheribleGPS’s mobile tracking system utilizes GPS devices that transmit real-time data, including location, reports, history, emergency alerts and other information, to Aegex tablets in the command center or in the field. With this Roswell, Ga., company’s software, Aegex tablets can create geofences, organize teams, locate and dispatch personnel, and improve emergency response with real-time coordination.

  Guardian Centers is an 830-acre disaster preparedness training campus in Perry, Ga., built for first responders from different agencies to test their crisis response plans, teams and equipment during simulated emergency situations.

  About Aegex Technologies, LLC
Aegex Technologies provides intrinsically safe mobile communications solutions for hazardous locations in the public safety, oil and gas, petrochemical and utilities markets. Aegex’s unified mobile platform enables organizations to customize our Windows 10 intrinsically safe 10.1-inch tablets with enterprise-class software and industry-specific applications to meet the mobility needs of all personnel in multiple zones of hazardous locations.


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