Mobile Devices that Will Not Explode

Mobile Devices that Will Not Explode

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By Thomas P. Ventulett

With exploding mobile devices still in the news, enterprise device users are likely to be hypervigilant in their choice of mobile devices to be deployed in industrial operations where combustible materials are present.

Oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers operating hazardous locations cannot afford to make this decision lightly. Only the highest certified “intrinsically safe” devices must be selected to avoid any risk of explosion.

Aegex Technologies can help make their decision simple. The Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet is the world’s first Windows 10 tablet to be certified by governing bodies around the globe for operation in Zone 1 and Division 1 hazardous locations.

Aegex’s device is designed at the circuit board level to be incapable of producing enough power to ignite a spark. By contrast, the iOS iPad, for example, generates 7 times the amount of stored capacitance or energy as the certified Aegex10 IS. The Aegex10 IS simply cannot explode. Its battery, though replaceable outside of hazardous areas, works in a specific configuration with the rest of the tablet in a design that cannot cause a spark.

Some intrinsically safe products gain their certification by encapsulating the device in a heavy and hardened case rather than addressing dangerous concentrations of energy and heat inside the device itself. This method allows for the possibility of an explosion, but the box is expected to contain that explosion, preventing it from igniting the surrounding atmosphere. Aegex tablets, on the other hand, prevent any explosion from happening in the first place because they are designed intrinsically safe at the circuit board and battery level.

Enterprise operators who require the safest mobile devices available for Division 1 and Zone 1 areas worldwide can count on the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet for providing real-time connectivity that improves safety, efficiency and productivity in their operations.