Improving Performance. Safely.

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Improving Performance. Safely.

Automatic transfer of data from the field to the home office is routine. With interconnectivity very common in almost every industry, the capture and transmission of operational data directly from the source to the database happen all the time.But not it all industries. Automatic data capture and transfer requires technology, and hardware technology has circuitry and connection points - and a power source.

This simple explanation may seem very mundane, but in a combustible environment, the combination of circuits and power and a natural or man-made “ignitor” can be deadly. Think oil pipelines. Or chemical plants. Or grain processing facilities. These environments produce natural combustible elements in the form of gases or dust particles. When combined with an “ignitor” that could create a spark, these potentially hazardous situations become very real.

Hence, while the vast majority of industries deploy leading-edge technology, many of the largest industries that drive the world’s economy are limited in adopting advanced data management capabilities. Oil & gas, petrochemical, mining - and many others - still rely on manual processes to manage the performance of their field operations. Manual processes take time and can be flawed due to human error and delays.

Think about this scenario. To capture field performance manually:

  • An associate must be dispatched to the location
  • The associate locates the measurement site
  • Measurements are viewed, verified and written on paper
  • The associate returns to the office
  • Data is verified and entered on a spreadsheet or directly into a database
While every situation is unique, it should be obvious that the above example requires time and resources and has the potential for imprecise handling of critical data.

There are solutions to this opportunity, and Aegex Technologies is leading the way with intrinsically safe devices.  The phrase “intrinsically safe” describes a device and/or technology that is certified to limit energy to a level that will not ignite a combustible atmosphere. The development and engineering of such devices have been tested to the highest global standards of physical safety to protect against catastrophic outcomes such as could occur in a combustible environment.

The need to improve performance exists in all industries, even the most challenging with the strictest physical safety requirements.  Using intrinsically safe devices can accelerate productivity and performance in these environments.

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