Simplifying IoT for Hazardous Industrial Locations

By Kevin Smith There is little question that the future of industrial operations will be inextricably conjoined with an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy.  Even in this early stage of what is being referred to [...]

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Mobile Devices that Will Not Explode

By Thomas P. Ventulett With exploding mobile devices still in the news, enterprise device users are likely to be hypervigilant in their choice of mobile devices to be deployed in industrial operations where combustible materials [...]

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AVEVA CEO Richard Longdon and Aegex Strategic Development Director Kevin Smith at AVEVA World Summit 2016, Oct. 18-20 Demonstrating the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet at the AVEVA World 2016conference in New Orleans this week helped [...]

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Aegex Technologies Launches New IoT Platform for Hazardous Industries

Atlanta, Ga. (September 28, 2016) – Aegex Technologies LLC has launched the world’s first IoT Platform built specifically for regulated hazardous locations, where explosive atmospheres require Internet of Things equipment that is certified intrinsically safe, [...]

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Take Control of Your Safety with Aegex

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Aegex Windows Tablet’s Uniform Platform is “IS” Certified for Worldwide Use

Aegex Windows Tablet’s Uniform Platform is “IS” Certified for Worldwide Use Hazardous industries are global. So are the people who work in them. They need a communications device that is as global and as mobile [...]

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